How We Support Newcomers to Waitaki

We are a facilitator connecting new arrivals in Waitaki to the necessary services in our district. Our goal is to make your transition into your new community a positive, easy and successful experience while you feel welcomed and respected.

Newcomers have either moved here from other parts of New Zealand or from overseas and we pride ourselves to support over 50 ethnicities throughout the district.

Waitaki Multicultural has always been known for the Migrant Support and Newcomers Network activities which have supported numerous residents finding their feet in our community.

For example, we have directed newcomers from overseas to language course providers and we also organise various cultural activities and events to bring people together from coffee chats, family trips to potluck lunches.

Regardless of our programme content: our aim is always to celebrate diversity, encourage learning, create harmony, and foster equality among people.

No matter if you were born in New Zealand and consider yourself a Kiwi or if you have migrated from abroad: we love to welcome you to our community!

"They linked me to people in the community which helped making friends. The friends explained how things worked informally like banks, driving licence and which medical centre dentist or chemist were good."
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