“The Waitaki team helped me from the beginning with everything, through them I met new friends, they helped me find legal advice and different opportunities to work at events so that people can get to know my artistic works: I am so thankful I found them when I came to Oamaru.”

When you are new to town you will have many questions where to go and what to do to organise your new life.

We are here to help you feel at home, direct you to the most relevant services in Waitaki, and assist you with solving problems you may encounter, so you can find your own way as quickly as possible!

Please select the topic of your question below and read the information that will connect you with the best person or organisation to assist you with your query.

If you cannot find what you were looking for, please contact our Coordinator (include link to ‘Contact page’) by phone or email.

Are you keen to meet other newcomers and locals? Then please check out our news (include link to ‘News’ page) for our upcoming events. Many activities are free of charge and welcome English and English-as-a-second-language speakers.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

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