Waitak Multicultural and Newcomers Community


“The Waitaki team helped me from the beginning with everything, through them I met new friends, they helped me find legal advice and different opportunities to work at events so that people can get to know my artistic works: I am so thankful I found them when I came to Oamaru.”
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When you are new to town you will have many questions where to go and what to do to organise your new life.

We are here to help you feel at home, direct you to the most relevant services in Waitaki, and assist you with solving problems you may encounter, so you can find your own way as quickly as possible!

Please select the topic of your question below and read the information that will connect you with the best person or organisation to assist you with your query.

If you cannot find what you were looking for, please contact our Coordinator by phone or email.

Are you keen to meet other newcomers and locals? Then please check out our events page for our upcoming activities and events. Many activities are free of charge and welcome English and English-as-a-second-language speakers.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

Education & Language

Confused about kindergarten, day-care, day centre, pre-school? Or not sure about some Kiwi daily expressions? Talk to us!

Download our education information card PDF. Click on the image to download it.

Learn English

English Conversation Class

Join us at us at English Conversation Class. Find out when and where at our Events page.

English Language Partners

Enrol with English Language Partners for Oamaru English classes.


Not sure when and where you can work? Talk to us!

Employment PDF (click image to download)

Download our PDF with employment information relevant to Waitaki.

Finance and IRD

Questions about taxes, opening a bank account or finances? Talk to us!

Banks & Money

How to open a bank account:

Where to get Financial Advice

North Otago Budget Advisory Service

IRD – Tax Returns

Inland Revenue Department NZ

Health and Safety

Not sure how to enrol at a doctor’s practice, hospital services or what health checks are free of charge? Talk to us!

Find a doctor

Download our PDF with health information relevant to Waitaki. Click on the image to download it.

Crime & Hazards

(Flooding, Fires, Earthquakes) https://getready.govt.nz/emergency/


Download our PDF with housing information relevant to Waitaki.
Click on the image to download it.

Immigration and Travel

“They helped us with resources and information sessions with Immigration NZ during a very uncertain time.”

Residency & Visas

Immigration New Zealand

Driving and travel

How to get a NZ driving license

Article written by the Citizens Advice Bureau

Total Mobility Scheme

If you have a disability and cannot drive.

Bus Transportation

2 websites if you need to travel by bus

Taxis Oamaru

Oamaru Taxi Service


Please find community and recreational places that are important to know:


There are many in Oamaru and Waitaki and it is best to search on the internet or ask us.

Citizens Advice Bureau

100 Thames Street

Community House

100 Thames Street, Oamaru
Home of various support organisations.

Library Oamaru

62 Thames Street, Oamaru
Various locations in the Waitaki District.


Oamaru Mail
Oamaru Telegram

Waitaki Aquatic Centre

5 Steward Street, Oamaru
Oamaru swimming pool.

Waitaki Community Recreation Centre

43 Orwell Street, Oamaru
Offers a variety of programs for young and old.

Waitaki District Council

20 Thames Street, Oamaru
For all council related matters.

Waitaki Police

18 Severn Street, Oamaru
Local Police Station

Visitor Information Centre

Whitestone City Building, 12 Harbour Street, Oamaru


“Migrants Meet and Share allowed us to meet other people in a similar position. We made a lot of friends there.”

Feeling lonely and keen to meet people? Talk to us! or check out our events in the Events section!

Find Communities & Support Groups

Download our PDF with community information relevant to Waitaki. Click on the image to download it.

Ethnic Groups in Waitaki

Oamaru Pacific Island Community Groups

22-26 Ribble Street, Oamaru

Oamaru Chinese Association

Filipino Waitaki

Waitaki Fijian Community

Find activities in the local newspapers event section (ODT/Telegram) or on our activities and events page